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Hi, I'm Cindy McKean.

Welcome to Auracles!


About Auracles

Auracles is a play on words. It combines, "aura," the radiance you emit, with "oracles," portals through which the futures speak directly to you.

Aura + Oracles = Auracles.

In essence, it's all about the messages from the ethers that are meant for you personally.

At Auracles, you can get more insight on your life path, your current situation, and your future through a variety of oracles.

Owned by Cindy McKean, I'm the sole operator, and reader. You can read more about me here.


About me

I was born with a love for adventure and the sciences. When I was 18, I packed my bags and crossed a state, an ocean and a continent to attend medical school. I pursued a medical career and practiced as a physician in several countries. During my medical career, asides from one-to-one patient treatment, I was running population studies, conducting medical trials, and involved in public health policy with roles in teaching hospitals across the globe, the World Health Organization and Weill Cornell Medicine. Always open to the realms beyond horizons, my experiences in other countries and cultures have broadened my metaphysical knowledge and deepened her understanding of the esoteric realm. In my late 30s, I moved to a very transformative place. Astrologically, I was under a Pluto line and my whole life changed (more on that here <--Katie, I'll create a page with a hyperlink to it). I went from physician to psychic. I launched a full time esoteric business and soon after I was invited to present astrology locally, nationally, and internationally on TV, newspapers, national magazines, radio, and podcasts. I now work as a full time esoteric practitioner. 


Many (very many) moons ago Linda Goodman introduced me to astrology. Rather, her book, Sun Signs, did when I was 18 years old. From there I did everything I could to learn about astrology. 


Those were the days before the internet and readily available sophisticated astrology software, so I had to draw up charts by hand and use an ephemeris to find planetary positions. It was challenging but fun. 


During university, astrology was a very big part of my life. After studying and practicing for a decade, life presented a series of teachers that subtly immersed me in environments of enlightenment. This is where Tarot and dowsing (radiesthesia) come in. 


On that learning path, I met some of the finest teachers, all whom I found through serendipity. Many of them are dear friends from the Edgar Cayce Center. 

Simultaneously, my astrology studies were taken to a higher level through an awesome astrology group led by Kay in New York City. As life has its ways, Kay wanted to learn palmistry...


Palmistry was always a part of my life. My mother read palms during social occasions. It was a sort of parlor game when the ladies in the neighborhood got together. As far as she knows, her grandmother would read palms, and the skill was passed down to the daughters in the family. I learned very young and mastered it by the time I was introduced to astrology.


I've been very blessed with my career reading. I've done a lot of traveling and through my travels, I've run into people who have sought readings. This has exposed me to a wide variety of people, cultural backgrounds, problems, solutions, laughter, tears, and most of all, joy. I now do readings full time in Chicago and beyond. I am the owner, operator, and sole employee (sole reader) of Auracles.

Through my esoteric learning I was fortunate to be a student of two mystery schools listed below. I've been doing professional consultations in astrology and palmistry for over 24 years and professional consultations in Tarot and dowsing for over 9 years. I've also taken classes through Kepler College, the only college to offer bachelors in astrology in the USA.


In March of 2018, I began providing "expert" information for esoteric and metaphysical topics to various media outlets such as Reader's Digest, Elite Daily, Romper, and Women's Health. I'm tickled pink to be a regular contributor to Bustle, one of the top 5 women's magazines in the nation. I also have the honor of being an official partner, vendor, and professional Astrologer at AstroloGeeks.

Born and raised on the Canadian border of New York state, I've since lived in nine countries and twenty cities. As a resident in Chicago...




  • Certification in Astro*Carto*Graphy (qualifies me to counsel and teach relocation astrology)

  • Certification in Tarot (the Licensed affiliate and member of the Taroscopic Mystery School (the esoteric tradition that holistically blends Tarot, Astrology, Qabala & Numerology)

  • Certification holder and member of The British College of Dowsing



  • Past President of a non-profit astrology organization

  • Member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research

  • Member of the American Tarot Association

  • Member of the Tarot Professionals

  • Member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles


  • Member of the American Society of Dowsers

  • Member of the British College of Dowsing

  • Member of the Radionic Association


  • Member of the American Professional Palmistry Association


  • Over 320 hours with Kepler College, the first and only college in the USA that offers diplomas in astrological studies.


  • Featured on KCTV5 - Kansas City's CBS affiliate, on a 3-minute segment, "Star-Crossed Workouts

  • Participated on Kansas City's PBS podcast, The Filter (I'm 12;12 in, because the universe is awesome that way!) 

  • Consulted on astrology and palmistry for articles in KC Star Newspaper. (Multiple) 

  • Evolving Magazine Kansas City, KCMO's local magazine for alternative living.  (Multiple)

  • Psychical Research Society Kansas City (PRS-KC) Newsletter. (Regular contributor)

  • Written numerous articles for a former Kansas City non-profit astrology chapter.

  • Contributed to publications for Kansas University Journal.

  • Contributed to local high school e-zines and newspapers in the KCMO metro area.

  • A regular contributor of astrology articles for Bustle Magazine, one of the nation's top 5, fastest growing, and most popular women's magazines (and an absolute pleasure to work with!)

  • Published in Women's Health and Elite Daily magazines.

  • A contributing author to astrological delineations (interpretations) and definitions for a web-based astrology software, AstroloGeeks (TM)

  • As of the end of 2020, my articles have been translated to 9 different languages for publications in Swedish (Sweden, Finland), Croatian (Croatia), Indonesian (Indonesia), Hindi (India), Mandarin (China) to name a few!



  • Kansas City Metaphysical.

  • Psychical Research Society Kansas City.

  • Non-profit Dowsing Society of Kansas City. 

  • Astrology clubs (private and non-profit) locally and nationally.

  • Public classes at the Central Resource Library, Overland Park, Kansas & The Plaza Library, downtown Kansas City, MO.

  • Various locations across New York, NY (my past home before I moved to KCMO).

  • Organizer for Kansas City Astrology Meetup and Lee's Summit Esoteric groups.

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