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Code of Ethics

Along my journey, one of the pet peeves I acquired are about the charlatans in the field. 
There aren't many, but more than there should be.
With this, I developed a code of ethics, a professional promise to you so that you know you are not being taken as a fool - instead you are being respected as a real person.

​My promises to you:

  • Professionalism above all else. Appointments are conducted on time, I'm fully present, and I honor my clients' concerns.  

  • Though I do not like to sugarcoat what the readings reveal, doom and gloom is not my style either. I interpret the readings objectively and with a sense of humor when appropriate.  

  • Readings are done with the intent to foster a connection with your higher calling. Sessions are conducted to provide an enlightening and supportive experience. Ultimately, you are responsible for your choices. 

  • Readings are not a substitute for medical, legal, therapeutic care, or any other professional advice. In those cases, I will recommend to clients to seek professional support.

  • My sessions and my client list are held in the strictest confidence. Any information shared in a session is completely private, unless there is an imminent threat of danger to self or others. To protect my client’s privacy, in most cases, I will not conduct a reading with anyone other than the client unless I obtain the client's consent.


  • When unable to tune-in on a reading* I will try again. If completely blocked, I will inform the client and provide a full refund. 
    *This is unlikely for palmistry and astrology readings, but could sometimes happen for Tarot and pendulum readings.

  • All fees are clearly stated and agreed upon before beginning the reading.

  • A reputable reader gets repeat clients because of integrity and providing excellence. Knowing that many clients seek guidance during times of vulnerability, a reputable reader never engages in game playing for the purpose of bringing them back with a hook involved... "If you buy this..." or "If you get this extra reading..." etc. I am especially careful to nurture responsibility and personal empowerment for my clients. Integrity stands with professionalism. I have never and will never attempt to manipulate a reading for my own gain and influence, and this is my personal promise to you.

  • I decline to conduct readings that violate my personal ethics.



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