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The power of perspective lets you know that you aren't alone. 
The power of perspective will help you understand your past, your current circumstance, and how to prepare for the future.

The power of perspective is what astrology and its companions offer.

Your horoscope

Your horoscope is defined by a snapshot of the sky the moment you took your first breath at your time of birth. It details where the planets were in relation to each other, with the Earth being the center of the observer's scope.


The way the planets relate to each other correspond to themes and patterns in all areas of your life's development. What kind of impression you make on people, how you handle finances, what sort of career path you'll likely follow, what kind of partner you're attracted to, your family dynamics, health concerns, sex, love, travel, friendship, failure... and so much more. 


There are dozens and dozens of different types of chart readings that can be done. I've listed the most popular with a brief explanation below. If there are others you know of and are curious about, ask me about them.


Our discussion will be in presented in simple fashion (no "astrological jargon”). I will clearly “translate” the symbols and cycles of your horoscope into practical insight that you can apply to the real world. All of your concerns put forth will be fully addressed. It will be a reading that will be insightful and practical, and more likely than not - something that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face!


If timing of events (especially when or how long you can expect something to happen), this is the reading for you!

Natal Chart Reading

With this reading, you'll understand that your life is not a random and chaotic path - why you make the choices you make, take certain actions, and have specific reactions to events in your life. You'll leave with a sense of renewed self-esteem and sense of closure.


If you never had an astrology reading done before, this is the reading I recommend you start with. 

Please have the following ready before your reading:

  • birth date (month/day/year)

  • exact birth time (sometimes as little as 2 minutes makes a difference)

  • birth location (city, state, country)


Current Patterns & Year Ahead Transits Reading

Planets travel in repetitive cycles. These cycles are mirrored in your chart during your lifetime.

I will look at your patterns for the upcoming year and identify strategies to maximize your strengths and minimize obstacles.

This reading is recommended if you already have had a Natal Chart Reading. If you have questions on decisions on an upcoming move, career prospects, financial status, relationship status, and family matters, this is the reading for you.

Please have the following ready before your reading:

  • birth date (month/day/year)

  • exact birth time (sometimes as little as 2 minutes makes a difference)

  • birth location (city, state, country)


Astro-mapping (or Astromapping, without the hypen) is a phenomenal branch of Astrology which can identify locations anywhere in the world that will be best or worst, specifically for you, according to your natal chart and by plotting your natal chart across a map. It's an absolutely fascinating and eye-opening perspective about the energies around you.


Of all the methods I use for analysis and insight with a location, this is by far my favorite. 

I'm a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher and Locational Astrology specialist through Continuum and Kepler College. I'm an international leader in this niche having presented on this topic in the USA, Australia, Germany, and Romania, to name a few.

Ideally, this type of reading should be booked separately, specifically when looking into a move, rearranging your office or living space, or on how to handle the planetary energies in your current location.

William H.

I scheduled an AstroMapping reading with Cindy and I was very, very impressed. Absolutely everything she said about different locations I visited matched my experiences. She also mapped out how different areas of my home would affect me astrologically and my jaw dropped! Cindy is highly professional and extremely friendly. I look forward to another reading with her.



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