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Which reading is right for me?

If you're reading this, I assume you've already read about the different kinds of readings I do. If not, after you're done reading this, I recommend that you read the different pages.


Truth be told, the kind of reading best suited for you depends on what you're seeking answers about. The classifications below are not exhaustive. I'll periodically add to them as examples roll in, but this should help guide you.


Nonetheless, the best way to determine what kind of reading is good for you is to contact me for a free consultation


Below are guidelines to give you insight to help you choose which reading you might want and about how readings may or may not apply to your individual situation.


Astrology readings are one of the best readings to get, but I don't always recommend them unless your circumstances and or questions are appropriate for a reading. When you want to determine timing, you'd need an Astrology reading. If you're going through a crisis, this is a fabulous reading that will help you determine the sources, how long it will last, and how to cope. During times of non-crisis, if you want to know what to expect - the general weather coming your way, get an Astrology reading. It works very much like a weather forecast. If you know to expect rain, you can't stop the rain from coming but you can minimize how wet you get. Astrology readings interpret the planetary forces to inform you what you can expect and how you can overcome those challenges or maximize upcoming benefits.


There are also certain ages when I recommend Astrology readings. For anyone who's a young adult, a natal reading this is an amazing tool for the rest of your life. I also recommend readings around the Saturn returns. They occur 2-3 times in your life at age 28-31, again at 56 - 62 and again around your early to mid 90s. Other important times for readings are around 39 - 42 years old when you experience a Uranus half-return (that time might feel like a mid-life crisis), and in your early 50s when Neptune transits leave you wondering where you are.



Tarot readings works with synchronicity. It reads the situation from the ethers as it is now to tell you what to expect in the future. Overall, the accuracy of Tarot readings are sound. However, should anything major of those circumstances change because of free will (i.e. a conscious choice) or to natural circumstances (i.e. acts of God/whatever God is to you), then the outcome will also change. 


For example, imagine you ask whether or not you'll get the job you applied for and the Tarot reading indicates that you will get the job. If that same day you tear up your application with the faith that you will get the job, you've made a major change (i.e. the conscious choice) that would modify the outcome of your job prospect. Determining timing is also tricky with the Tarot but Tarot readings generally forecast no further than a year. An Astrology reading can determine exact dates.


The benefits of a Tarot reading is that it can answer some specific questions that are harder to determine using an Astrology reading. Say you want to know if someone has cast a curse on you, a Tarot reading is a much better tool than an Astrology reading for that kind of question. A reading can also indicate how to overcome the curse (and no, not through spellwork, but through you.) 

Palm readings

Palmistry is a very good tool to determine who you are, how early life and the world has shaped you, and how you are coping. Similar to the Tarot, when circumstances change, the lines on your hands can (and do!) change. 


The benefit of the palm reading is that it reads the invisible tip of the iceberg that isn't so obvious to you or others around you. The lines are your manifestations (esp. on your dominant hand). If it shows up in your palm, you can be assured it's a major factor in your life for better or worse. 


That's the priceless value of a palm reading - it lets you know whether the choices you've made and the life you're living is suited to you. For example, if you're in a job or relationship that you don't like and that shows up in your palms, then there's some serious choices you need to make. 


Timing with palmistry has a farther reach than Tarot in both the past and future. If you're looking for a more solid indication of what to expect in the far future, or how the far past has affected you, then a palm reading is excellent for that.


Many people who are affliliated with a religious organization or have a certain dogma also feel this type of reading isn't frowned upon by religious authorities.



Getting answers by using a pendulum reading is pretty black or white - almost quite literally. If you have super specifics that you'd like to know, this is the reading for you because it can be customized.


A body scan is a horse of a different gait - it's a form of alternative diagnostics and therapy. The predictive qualities of a body scan depend solely on external factors.


If someone dear to you has passed, Mediumship is what will help you be in touch with him or her. 

I can also get in touch with pets, foes, and strangers (a good example of a "stranger" is when an officer or private detective is working on a murder case.) Some people like getting in touch with their personal spirit guide.

Mediumship is not appropriate for missing persons. For missing persons, even if they're no longer alive, a Tarot reading is best. An astrology reading can also render results if their birth information (date, exact time, location) is available.




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