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Aura Photos


What are Auras?

Your aura is the light around you. Have you ever heard about how someone is "glowing"? Usually you can see that glow on someone after they receive great news. There is something beaming about them that goes well beyond their smile. Another example is radiance. Many women want that "radiance" that you'll more likely see in a young lady - a natural reflection of perfect health. Sometimes we have seen it disappear, a person may permanently or temporarily lose his/her light after devastating news or experience. Your aura is an emanation of the energy field that surrounds you. It is a reflection of your life energy, your state of mind, health, and spirit. It shows your state of mind, heart (soul core) emanation, thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle.

How do you capture auras?

Typically, aura photographers will use a camera called an AuraCam. The cameras look like a box, with two smaller ones the subject places their hands on for the photo. The smaller boxes are metal and laced with silver, allowing a biometric feedback system to create the colors.

That frequency is matched with a corresponding color through an algorithm inside the camera. Then, like a Polaroid, it prints out a photo—though this one is double-exposed, an image of you overlaid with the aura image. The photographer will analyze the photo and tell you what your particular energy is saying.

Jonathan. Kirlian and Aura photos.

I got a kirlian photograph of my fingertips. It was quick and colorful. I enjoyed Cindy's insight and analysis. I also had an aura reading and I enjoyed the differences and similarities. I highly recommend Cindy's services.



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