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Palm Readings: In-Person Only

Palmistry will give insight into your character, emotional state, and some aspects of your health. It also identifies your true self vs. the person you've become. Your palm reading will indicate which direction one should take and provides details about your past and present as well as how the future will be according to your perspective on your current circumstances.


Although your fingerprints never change, the lines can and do change. The lines on your hand are a good indicator of how well you - you - are coping, really coping. It gives intuitive remedies on what you should do to help yourself. Lines can change as soon as three months.

Prism on Hand

During your palmistry reading, I will read both your dominant and non-dominant hands. I use a magnifying glass to get a better look at fine lines and take an ink-print of your palms (not the back of your hands). I will also look at both sides of your hands down to your wrists and look at your nails. If you have nailpolish on, it's not a game changer, it's just one aspect of the reading. With that said, if you're wearing nail polish, gel, or acrylics, I can read more if it's clear. 


It's a very hands-on experience.

You will receive 2 prints similar to this.

Palmistry readings are more like a report card or lab results than a prognostic indicator. It gives you an idea of direction, likely outcome, instead of definite forecasts. It can reveal what is harder to tease out in astrology and tarot readings. For example, it's easier to read how many serious relationships you will have, the state of your vitality.


Readings can be done alone or, depending on what you are seeking to know, enhanced with a pendulum reading and/or tarot reading. If you're looking to know more about the future, definitely add another reading.


Included with the reading are two prints - one of your left hand and the other of your right hand. I use water-soluble, non-toxic ink.

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