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Pendulum Readings/ Dowsing

Any form of divination that involves the use of a non-electrical instrument to detect energy fields that leads it in a certain direction is called dowsing. 

A gentleman using a dowsing stick to find water. Circa 1870.

A gentleman using a dowsing stick to find water. Circa 1870.

The instrument is often a pendulum, a stick, a pointing rod, and may also be one's hands or fingers.

The pendulum moves due to the fine amount of energy that every object and living thing radiates. This is often referred to as Radiesthesia, or perception of emitted energy. 


Dowsing has been practiced for thousands of years. Pharaohs in Ancient used them to help them determine where to build or dig. In more recent times, farmers have used to locate water sources, find lost items, energy lines, and determine problematic areas to remedy.

Cindy McKean Pendulum Dowsing Auracles LLC.jpg

Pendulums can be made from anything - a washer, a ring, a crystal, whatever weight is just heavy enough to pull down a string while you hold it without snapping. In my practice I use crystal and metal pendulums. Some of my pendulums use a wool or plant string instead of a metal chain. I choose what's right for your needs.

There are 2 types of Pendulum Readings I do by phone:

  • Yes/No Readings: This is probably the most popular type of reading.

  • Fan Chart Readings: This is almost tied with the Yes/No reading with popularity.


Yes/No Readings
Colorful Post it notes withYes No Maybe Don't Know and Question Marks
Colorful animated arms pointing in all directions
Pendulum over a fan chart

If you have any questions that have Yes/No answers such as,

"Will I pass the exam?"

"Does (s)he love me?"

"Is my health going to improve with the prescribed medication?"

then this is the appropriate reading to go for.


This will also give answers such as "Maybe" when asking relative questions; for example,

"Will I pass the exam with a good grade?"

"Does (s)he love me a lot?"

"Is my health going to improve quickly with the prescribed medication?"


For, "good, a lot," and, "quickly" are all relative terms so it is not exactly a "No" answer, but it can't be a "Yes" either.


Other questions are unknown because the pendulum can't tune into the answer. In those cases, the pendulum will simply answer that it doesn't know. Some dowsers have a placement on a fan chart for this. Others, like myself, just get dead silence - that is no movement or minimal movement.


Fan Chart Readings

Fan chart readings come in a wide variety. They can be simple half circles divided into as little as two sections to determine between two choices or as many as fifty sections. They can be custom made according to your choices.


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