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Tarot Readings

The Tarot (pronounced /ˈterō/) is a time-honored tool for understanding the many energies and forces that are flowing in your life. The Tarot opens communication between your higher self and the universe. The cards use archetypes and symbols in the collective conscience to work in synchronicity with your circumstances. A reading helps you see the forces at work in your life with more clarity. 


A Tarot reading allows the mind of the trained reader to have a fertile picture for revealing your current social and spiritual conditions.


A personal reading can cover a wide array of topics. You can learn how present influences and concerns may shape your future. You can gain insight on your career, health, and relationships. You can also use it to help you make a decision, weigh your options, and much more.

Ancient Tarot Card

Tarot originated around 1425 AD in the profundity of the early Italian Renaissance in Milan, where certain minds exhumed and synthesized cosmic knowledge that had lay dormant since ancient times. 


Tarot’s special 22 trump cards (The Tower, The Empress, The Fool, etc.) reference powerful places in the zodiac, and these cards intersperse with 4 suit cards of 14 cards each, blending 56 more cards for a deck of 78.


The 78 cards (6 x 13) reference the 6 days of rest in the Biblical creation story and in other ancient wisdom before that, while 13, a number of unity, references the 12 around the 1 of the Levites and the 12 tribes of Israel, Jesus and the 12 apostles, and Ishmael and his twelve sons.


Tarot readings generally have a limit of forecasting up to a year. Beyond that the cards don't reveal much. They reveal a more vivid picture in the upcoming 3-6 months although I can personally tap into a few years further using through the etheric messages. Still, using the Tarot as a talisman is a powerful tool.


Timing with tarot is tricky too, as time is relative. Nonetheless, given that the window for the tarot "forecast" is up to for the given year (often it's for a lesser time), the messages would be something to keep in mind for the upcoming duration. If you're really fixed on specific dates, an Astrology reading may be more suitable.


Another important piece of information to keep in mind is that a Tarot reading is about YOU. Getting a reading on other people would only reveal what is relevant to you. Anything that is personal to them may not show up in your reading. 


A Tarot reading works best when you have a clear and specific question that would allow the cards to reveal the situation, circumstances, or outcome as conditions are as of the time of the reading. For a more general reading, a more general story will unfold according to the current conditions. 


A Tarot reading can be done alone or in conjunction with an astrology reading especially if timing is important for you. It is best combined with the "Current Patterns" reading for maximum benefit. 


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