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What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the communication between a person on the Earth plane (a living person) with a soul or spirit in the ethers through a Medium. 

A Medium is a person that has the ability to contact and communicate with souls that have passed on or spirits in the ethers.

How I communicate with those that passed.

Because no two people are the same, I use a mix of methods. My go-to method is to start with Tarot cards or a pendulum to open communication. This is because I am acquainted with these methods for identifying current circumstances and forecasts, thus I can easily differentiate whether it is really a soul or spirit communicating with me versus etheric messages. 

My strongest ability when speaking with those on the other side is clairaudience, or the ability to hear messages from the ethers and those that have passed. I also use clairvoyance, or the ability to see messages and/or images. This often comes in the form of a loved one that's passed showing me an image of a particular place familiar to you, or through them showing me other imagery they use to describe things. Many souls or spirits reach a point where they're emotional and become tongue-tied, so imagery is used - instead of talking they point to something for me to look at that I can see. Often clairaudience and clairvoyance occur together, similar to observing a movie or television.


I also use clairsentience, or the ability to feel what the spirit or soul is feeling, including emotions. You may recognize the insertion of a laugh, or a suddenly serious intonation that I relay to you straight from them. The range of emotions is endless. I don't channel or allow the souls or spirits to take over my voice, movements, or words. Instead I relay what they say or do. 

Finally, I use clairolfaction, or the ability to smell certain stimuli, such as perfumes, cooking, and other scents, although this occurrence is rare.

What I need from you to communicate with someone on the other side. (Make an "appointment" with them. Invite your loved one to the reading.)

This is my personal request: Please inform whoever you want to speak with about your session. Why? Because:


  • Just like you wouldn't throw a party for the guest of honor without inviting them, you shouldn't make an appointment with someone without letting them know a date and time to come. 

  • I personally feel it's good manners to give a heads-up to someone on the other side if you want to communicate.  It takes a great deal of energy from them to show up on demand.

  • Asking for someone on demand isn't always as easy as picking up a phone or sending a text and getting an immediate reply. Sometimes it takes them time, Given that we're on a clock for your reading, I prefer to make your time more economic and efficient for you. 

  • Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Crying is usual. Dumping unrelinquished feelings out is not.

Not all Mediums work the same. The great majority I know can and do call a soul or spirit on demand. If that appeals to you more than making an appointment with your loved one, I encourage you to go for what is most comfortable for you and what you think would also be most comfortable for your loved one.

Bullet Journal
How you can invite or make an "appointment" with someone that's passed.

Everyone's circumstances are different. As such, I've listed different suggestions for you that have been the most successful to make connections, in my experience. These suggestions are not meant to be an exhaustive list or the be-all-end-all. If you have a different method, please feel free to go with what you feel is right with your loved one; however, please do not try for an on-demand presentation of your loved one. Every bullet point below is a different suggestion. Doing one is more than enough.


  • Generally, I advise to leave a written note for your loved on to see. This has been the most successful method in regards to a soul or spirit being present during the session with my clients. Keep the note very simple. Start with the name (formal, pet name, or nick name) of your loved on and say you want to talk to them. Include the date and time and who to meet with (me).

Make an appointment blank letter flower

Dear Sarah,

I made an appointment with Cindy McKean for 12 PM Saturday, December 20th so I can speak with you.       Please be there if you can.



It doesn't have to be that word-for-word. Write what comes natural, but include the time, date, and who they are supposed to look for (that's me).

Leave the note in a place in the house that was favored by your loved one, or in a spot where you feel your loved one's presence the most. Sometimes, just leaving it in the most lived area of the house, like the living room near the recliner chair or the side table near a bed is best. Where ever you choose to leave the note, make sure it's short, clear, and visible. Keep the note open (i.e. not a jewelry box, envelope, or folded closed). If you need to fold it just to prop it, that's fine, so long the wording can be clearly seen. If you live in a new home, or if you're somewhere other than where your loved one lived, leave it on a table of the most lived area of your home. This could be a light stand, side table, coffee table, etc. You can remove it anytime before we begin our reading, but leave it out for at least one overnight stay. You can place an item from your beloved on or near the note so it's more noticeable to them.

  • When you feel a presence and it feels safe or familiar, speak to it. A word of caution though: whatever higher power you believe in, call on that presence first. Whatever that higher power is to you: God, the Universe, Macrobes...make sure it is in the conversation with you as you address the presence you feel. This helps to protect you against imposter spirits and entities. 

  • Pray, or do a routine you two both did together that you no longer do. If it was walking after a meal, or watching Jeopardy after work, or a weekly family or friends gathering, do that. Often, the routines we've had in life together tend to attract our loved ones.

  • Sometimes after a major life event, be it a birth, a new job, a change of residence, or a death can open communication directly with you and a specific loved one.

  • If you have your own specific method that works, use that instead.

  • I do not recommend that you just think about them and hope that they manifest that way. (They won't.)

Again, I will stress that different mediums use different methods, and if you prefer that method better, I encourage you to go for what is most comfortable for you and what you think would also be most comfortable for your loved one.

What next?

If you've read this page and booked and paid for a reading, the next step is me calling you at your scheduled time if it's by phone or if it's in person we'll sit together and I'll go into the zone (no, I don't look like I'm taken over by a spirit, but you might see I'm locked into a certain focus). Once we're on the phone or in-person, I will ask you who you want to connect with (name) and how they were related to you. I contact your loved one according to their name. Many times, I find that they show up a few minutes early before your appointment! 

If you have questions for them, have your list ready. If you have something to say during your session to them, please feel free to say it - they hear you. You won't hear them so I'll share their responses or reactions.

I suggest you book only 30 minutes for the first session. The reason for this is so we can establish enough time for contact and exchange. Thirty minutes goes by quickly, but it's also adequate time to receive the main points of information.

Helping Hand reaching for Help on the Sk
What if contact isn't made with my loved one?

Sometimes it happens that whoever you wanted to reach out to doesn't want to be in contact with this world. The most common reasons don't even need to be pointed out, such as terrible relations, bad history, etc. Sometimes it's because they are just not able to make it because they don't know how, they are "trapped", or they don't have the energy. Most often, it's not personal - a cosmic flat tire, or a wrong turn...

Furthermore, there is no magic indication. Passing into the abode of death is like passing into any other major abode, such as conception or birth. It's extremely rare that people remember events in their first year of life, let alone a past life. Don't count on a code word you agreed about to share after death (even Harry Houdini couldn't carry his password to his wife through death). Yet you'll know through descriptions if the connection is true. A person's energy, love, and their consciousness lives on no matter the connection through the heart, soul, memory, or sense. 

Within the first 5 minutes of a connection, we will confirm together whether who I have with me is your loved one. You'll know without a shadow of a doubt. It won't be through me identifying the "secret" item of theirs you're holding in your hand (I really, really dislike doing that because it takes so much energy from your loved one and doesn't benefit you or your loved one anyway). Sometimes they describe how they looked like at a favorite time in their life. Sometimes they describe their preferences. Sometimes it's their character or a style of speech. There's no half-way about the connection, but when there is doubt, it's therefore not your loved one. For lack of a better description or word, what does appear is their consciousness. Sometimes that is in spirit form, sometimes it's a frequency or energy... The uniqueness we own as we are as individuals is unique in other abodes. The variations we experience as humans goes light years beyond what we experience on earth. 


I once had contact with a young man who "showed up" instead of a much older man. His wife laughed and said it was just like her husband who was a highly ambitious businessman in life and would regularly delegate someone to attend events and meetings for him. There was another underlying fact there as well: according to her when he was alive, he was married to his business and she was more like filler just to show people he was married. She resented him for this, and he in turn resented her for what he perceived as her being ungrateful.


Usually though, when a strained relationship existed in real life, death changes people's perspectives and priorities. In other words, it's likely we'll hear from them if you ask them to be there.


In cases where no one* (see below for what "no one" means) shows up, you have one of two options:


  • We can shift and do a regular reading instead. (No refund, for I would have still provided you with time and service.) We can do it on the spot or schedule for another time. 

    - OR - 


  • We end the reading on the spot (i.e. we end the phone call on or before 5 minutes from when I start to tap in) and no need to feel obliged to reschedule or get a substitute reading. In this case, I will refund everything but $15.oo for the slot. This covers the processing fee for refunds ($5.00), plus the prep I used for the reading, and my time trying to connect (really, together that's slightly more than $10.00, but I'm not going to split hairs). In this case, please understand that if we go beyond 5 minutes, even small talk, I will prorate your refund and round up to the nearest minute counting up. It takes a fair amount of energy to get into the zone then suddenly have to deflate.

* Please note, that "no one" means just that - that no one or no spirit shows up at all. In the rare case of the woman who's husband sent a young man mentioned above, someone showed up, it counted as contact. Sometimes we ask for a sister and a grandmother comes instead. Sometimes a lonely stranger comes. If you don't want to continue with whoever showing up chatting with you, then I urge you to think twice about booking. I'm not in control of who is willing to talk or what they will say.

Again, if you feel this is too risky financially, there are other Mediums there that approach speaking to spirits very differently than my way. I don't have recommendations, but personally, I don't know of anyone that, in the worst case scenario, offers the option of two attempts and a 50% refund if contact can't be made with anyone at all. If you find someone willing to match this policy, and you're more comfortable going with them for whatever reason, I'm on your side with that. 

These are the basics for Mediumship readings. If you'd like to know what to expect during your reading, click here.

Blessings, peace, love, and light.


No One Definiton
Someone showed up
A Final But Important Message:

Being in the abode of the soul after this life is painful for some that have crossed over and their sensitivity is heightened beyond our mortal comprehension. If you want to make contact with your loved one through me, here are some other tips:

  • Because 30 minutes goes fast, please limit your request to no more than two people (though one person is preferred). Your loved ones have a life in the afterlife too.  DO NOT invite the whole family and say you're good with whoever shows up or we'll get confusion, interlopers, and imposters. Messages will be watered down. Keep it pure. Keep it personal. I'm sure if you were invited with a bunch of random family members by a distant cousin you haven't seen in years and that cousin showed up for 30 minutes and said hello to only who a few and didn't pay  much attention to anyone else unless they had something profound to say about him/her, you'd wonder why you were invited. Be mindful of the dead, for their souls still have a life after death.

  • Keep your appointment with them or at least give them enough notice (at least a night's notice). Likewise, if you have to reschedule, please let your dearly departed know. They will forgive you. It's heart wrenching for a soul to show up to no one because they didn't get the notice that their "invite" was cancelled.

  • Don't expect anyone to show up "on demand". While this can happen at psychic fairs and occasionally on demand in a private reading, it takes a great deal for them to show up on short notice. Energy in the afterlife is different from energy in this world. 

  • It really goes without saying that I can't pass on foul messages to those that have passed. 

  • Please don't ask me to reach out to "enemy" souls or spirits. I empathize with you but it opens doors that are closed for good reasons.

  • Please DO NOT book a Mediumship reading for anyone else without their involvement. If you book for yourself to hear from the dearly departed, that's the way to do it. But do not gift or book for someone who hasn't read this page, sent an invitation, or thinks they can just name anyone and everyone deceased in their family and I'll conjure them up. If you want to gift a reading for someone, please have them peruse my website first - that goes for all readings, for I have a wide toolbox, but that toolbox does not include mind-reading or telepathy.

  • Whether you're a sensitive lady or a macho man, I'll have tissues ready. If we do this on the phone, have tissues near you, for you will cry. It's not just sadness or knowing that you're in touch with someone you miss so, so, so much, but often there's release, healing, and closure. Even the most macho of men cry hard when they've connected. Keep that in mind. If you have a hoppin' party after your reading, an important exam, or anything that will need your focus, it's better to schedule your reading for a different time. 

  • Your dearly departed will likely have some kind of sage advice, but they don't turn into a psychic when they die. That's because the process or death or the awareness of the soul being in a different abode changes their perspective. Often I'm asked to elicit predictive advice from the dearly departed, but the skills they had in life is what they'll have in the afterlife. If they weren't psychic in real life, they won't be after death. Instead, they have a different point of view so they can give you the "future" based on that (really, they see the bird's eye view of the maze of life while you're still in the halls of that maze). Some (most) have a more mature perspective. Occasionally, I meet some who were wretched and miserable in life and still are! I keep that to myself and just pass on relevant  messages. For lovely souls, they usually present themselves at an age different from when they died, from a time in their life that they felt happiest or most in balance. That could be age of death, way back in their early 40s, or only a decade before departing, or right before life or health took a permanent turn for the worst. Keep that in mind if I describe someone with short ginger hair, and your dearly departed died with grey hair but s/he was ginger before going grey. They often do this because it's the least amount of pain in their life so that's what they come back to as a presentation as their best self without the burden of a painful memory. 

  • Show your dearly departed respect. They're coming from a different realm just for you. When you give them a time, be present fully with them instead of going back and forth between questions about yourself and questions about whether your ex partner is dating someone new, and then back to the dearly departed. I get the ADHD, but respect is love.

  • Finally, always remember that even through they're dead, they are on their own personal soul's path in the afterlife. With that, it's not good for them if you want to call them often. It's one thing if you keep them in your heart everyday - that's legacy and respect, but another thing to ask them to show up on a regular basis. In this life, it's hard to drop everything just to take care of a loved one's demands (ask any woman that has children). Likewise, it's not fair to the departed that while they're on their path, they have to travel far back to you because it affects their momentum and delays soul development, or their path towards "source" or God. Think about this: if you're on your way to the coast - any coast - even if it's only 100 feet away, but you can't get to the water because someone keeps on calling you back, that's not fair to you. With your dearly departed, give them space and time. I generally don't recommend more than 2-4 requests in a year for the same person. Sure, you can always go to another Medium, but you're still doing the same thing to the dearly departed. Just like you didn't want your parents calling you while you were at the prom, at work, or meditating, or just like you are kind of tired or done with dropping whatever you are doing to tend to your grown or adult children if they have a request, it's the same for those departed souls. The best thing you can do for them is honor them: visit their burial site often and clean or decorate it, talk with them there (sometimes they're not, but it's good to leave a message). If you have their ashes, keep the area around it clean - don't have their urn in the middle of a rambunctious family if they didn't vibe that way while alive. Most of all, carry on with the family traditions they instilled in you, it's legacy, lineage, and keeping them on their soul path without getting lost in the afterlife. 



Well, I've said more than a mouthful with all that! But we're dealing with sensitive issues, and most of all we're dealing with love in a different form from what we once had when they were alive so we have to handle it appropriately. Hope all this helps. Peace and light.

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