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About Auracles, LLC

​Auracles is a play on words. It combines, "aura," the radiance you emit, with "oracles," portals through which time (past, present, and future) speak.

Aura + Oracles = Auracles.

In essence, it's all about the messages from the ethers that are meant for you.

At Auracles, you can get more insight on your life path, your current situation, and your future through a variety of oracles.

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Owned by Cindy McKean, I'm the sole operator, and reader. You can read more about me below.

About Cindy

Cindy Infinity.jpg

Cindy McKean. Owner, Operator, and Reader.

I am a Chicago-based metaphysical/esoteric practitioner. I've been offering readings full time since the mid 20-aughts, but a student of metaphysical realms and esoteric knowledge since I was a lass.

Before starting my business, I was a physician and a clinical research director at Weill Cornell Medical College. After getting my MD, I obtained an MPH (Public Health) and an MBA (Business). Outside of the conventional subjects, I'm on on the faculty of Kepler College, the only school in the USA that offers bachelor's degrees in astrology (BA). I also have certifications in tarot and palmistry. 

Born and raised in Niagara Falls/Buffalo, USA, I was always open to adventure. In my adult I've held residency permits in 9 different countries an have visited dozens and dozens and dozens of cities across the world that I can't count anymore. My time overseas and different regions the USA has colored my perceptions and broadened my mind like nothing else.

I have over 2,000 national and international publications and have been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, NPR, PBS, Women's Health, and Shape to name a few. Some of my publications have been translated into other languages in seven different countries. I love what I do. 


On paper, I come across as quite unusual - and nearly unbelievable, but you'll find that I'm pretty regular and after you meet me, it all makes sense and falls into place.

If you would like to book a reading with me, please contact me. We'll set up a time/date and we can do astrology, tarot, mediumship, and astrocartography in-person or by phone or video. Palmistry (with handprints) and aura photos are in-person only. I'm located in the loop. I'm also available for private parties and corporate events. 

Media inquiries, please contact me or view my Press Kit.

If you're interested in classes, I'll be teaching AstroMapping courses with Kepler College

  • AM100 AstroMapping:  AstroMapping for the Beginner (Primary Instructor - first class starts May 11, 2024. Another class planned for late July 2024). Enrollment for May starts in late April 2024.

  • AM201 AstroMapping I: Astro*Carto*Graphy (ACG) – (Teaching Assistant and Guest Instructor in September 2024 and January 2025).

  • AM300 AstroMapping V: Practicum in Mapping (full instructor - dates TBD).

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