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The Fine Print

This section is the business policies, terms, and conditions for Auracles, LLC reading with Cindy McKean.

The Fine Print applies to individual readings (not virtual party readings).

"The Fine Print" is divided into 5 sections (Payments, Scheduling, Time, Cancellations, Miscellaneous, and Disclaimer). 


  • Payment is due at the time of booking.

  • In the case that you're scheduled on the front end (from my side or through the waitlist form), the appointment is held for you, to be secured by payment. Payment is due by at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid automated cancellation.

  • Payment can be made using any option on the Payments page.

  • Prices are quoted in USD$ (United States Dollars).


  • Appointments are conducted/scheduled according to CENTRAL TIME unless it's automatically updated if your device settings permit that, or you can simply update the time zone manually when you book the appointment through the calendar.  

  • Central Time Zone is Daylight or Standard (CDT or CST). That's respectively -5 or -6 hours behind GMT. I'm in Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Video (Skype and Zoom) readings are exclusively for clients located outside of the U.S.A. and for virtual party readings for those located anywhere in the world. 

Time (Important)

  • Please be mindful that there is a client scheduled after your reading, and your reading is after the previous client. Sticking to your reading time will be strictly adhered to. When we're near the end there's no ability to extend, not even by a minute, and unfortunately no time for "one last question". Please schedule a follow up reading for any additional burning questions you have. I tend to fill up quickly, but having space between readings is good. Keep in mind that under "Miscellaneous" below, your reading slot includes greetings and closings/hellos and goodbyes. Sorry if I have to abruptly close the reading, but it's not fair to make the next client wait.


  • Once scheduled and paid, if for any reason you have to cancel or reschedule, contact me as soon as you can.

  • For a cancelled appointment (i.e. you cancel your appointment ahead at any time with no reschedule within 30 days after the original appointment) you will receive a 50% refund as well as a -$5.00 processing fee. If you cancel at or after your appointment with no reschedule, there is no refund.

  • There is no charge for rescheduling an appointment. If you reschedule your cancelled appointment within 30 days of the original appointment, there is no fee.

  • If I call you at your scheduled time and you don't answer, I'll leave a voicemail and/or a text or email message. Please try to text or email back within 5 minutes of your appointment or your reading will have to be rescheduled. If you miss the rescheduled reading, your time and payment will be forfeited. No refund. No exceptions. 

  • Missed appointments due to incorrect contact info is the responsibility of the person who submitted the info. 

  • Failure to submit payment on time results in automated cancellation. 

  • For virtual party readings (remote parties), your deposit is fully refundable (minus a $5.00 processing fee) so long you cancel 72 hours or more prior to your event, cancellations with less than 72 hours notice forfeit the deposit. 

(Phone and Video Readings)

  • If you are within the USA and do not meet the requirements for a Skype reading, your reading will be done by phone. Skype and Zoom readings are primarily for clients without a U.S. telephone number.

  • FOR CLIENTS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES: When booking a phone reading, you will be contacted by Skype or Zoom (non-video/n0-camera call) if you don't have a U.S. based number. 

  • If you arrange a Zoom meeting, I'll send a link through the calendar confirmation. If you arrange a Skype meeting, reach out to me with your user name and email associated with your Skype account.

  • You must stay within your reading time. 30 minutes does not mean 31 minutes. Please book the appropriate amount of time. Sometimes we get to the answers ahead of end-time and we wrap up there rather than fill the remainder of time for the sake of filling it. Part of what you pay for is content. Less is more and you can always book later, for using up time as filler is of no benefit to your reading. 

  • Your booked reading time includes greetings, warm up, and closings, 1-3 minutes. See "What To Expect During Your Reading" for more details, if you're inclined. 

  • Being on the waitlist does not guarantee an earlier appointment.

  • For Mediumship readings, please click here to read the options available if no contact at all is made. (Under "What if contact isn't made with my loved one?")

  • First-time clients will benefit greatly from reading, "Reading Tips" to get the most out of your reading.

(In-person readings)

  • As funny as this sounds as a policy, I require you to take off your shoes or wear overshoes at my in-home reading space. I can provide you with overshoes.

  • No high-heels allowed: I have mixed hard floors and carpeting throughout my home. The carpeting is not high-heel friendly. I have new slippers for any client who needs them.


  • Please be aware: my consultations are suggestions for your personal growth and wisdom, based on my interpretation of the readings. You are ultimately responsible for your choices and decisions. My readings are not meant to be a substitute for professional medical, legal, or financial advice.

  • Some states and countries require me to inform you that you must be 18 years or older to use this service and all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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