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Astrological Feng Shui

Wondering how to best set up your office, your home, or even your desk? Perhaps the arrangement or placement of your living space isn't working for you. Astrological feng shui uses your personal planetary orbits from your natal chart to identify the best placements around you!

Astrological Feng Shui is also known as Compass Astrology and Local Space Lines.

Albert Einstein Astrological Feng Shui Local Space.png
Albert Einstein Astrological Feng Shui Local Space.png

What is Astrological
Feng Shui?

By following planetary orbits that are personal to your chart at the time and location that you were born, the natural flow of your personal energy through the planets is amplified.


It is you-centered. You are "geotagged"™ as a product of your space at the time and place of your birth.


This could apply to almost anything, from where you place your cash register, the route you take to work, or even the best place to put your refrigerator if you're on a diet! Astrological Feng Shui can improve your opportunity for success.


With Astrological Feng Shui, you are the center of your perspective. I look at both a special map of planetary orbits, a special chart that shows how planets are placed around you and your natal and relocated charts and maps. We go over what your goals are and I can identify best placements for you around your home, work, neighborhood, and beyond. 

I can do this on-site at your location or provide you with your charts and maps. If you'd like to book this reading, please come with a blueprint of your home, office, or neighborhood. 

This method is also great for determining what neighborhood to live in according to the orbits personal to you. 

Prices vary if done at your location. 

This can also be done virtually through floor plans.

Albert Einstein Astrological Feng Shui Local Space Chart.png
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