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Find the best places in the world for you to thrive the most. 

AstroCartoGraphy is the astrology of time and place. It's a powerful tool to determine where in the world is best for you to thrive, whether that be in love, career, health, and more! 

Looking for a more local perspective - say in your neighborhood, your home, office, or even a specific room? Check out Astrological Feng Shui (also called Compass Astrology or Local Space Lines). I can combine both techniques for you when deciding on any kind of movement in your life. 

Check out my latest video on AstroMapping with Kepler College.

Private reading with Cindy McKean

For those who are looking to move or travel and those looking to stay where you are but gain the best advantages from another location, you'll get the most in-depth astrological reading and more...

Rated as the top expert in the world for relocation astrology, you'll get the most insightful reading with me using AstroCartoGraphy. I don't use only astrology. I combine my skillsets of astrology, astronomy, astrological history, travel experience, education, and more. I use multiple software programs (astrology and astronomy) and consider all other factors when traveling: climate, feasibility, customs, cultures, languages, your personal goals, and more. No other AstroMapper in the world does this. 

What your reading includes

AstroCartoGraphy readings are different from regular astrology readings...

Rated as the top expert in the world for relocation astrology, you'll get the most insightful reading with me using AstroCartoGraphy or Compass Astrology depending on your needs. I don't use only astrology. I combine my skillsets of astrology, astronomy, astrological history, travel experience, education, and more. I use multiple astrology and astronomy software programs and consider all other factors when traveling: climate, feasibility, customs, cultures, languages, your personal goals, and more. No other AstroMapper in the world does this. 

Astro-mapping (or AstroMapping, without the hyphen) is a phenomenal branch of Astrology which can identify locations anywhere in the world that will be best or worst, specifically for you, according to your natal chart and by plotting your natal chart across a map. It's an absolutely fascinating and eye-opening perspective about the energies around you.


Of all the methods I use for analysis and insight, this is by far my favorite. 

AstroMapping is a broad term that captures any kind of technique that blends astronomy with astrology. The most popular types of AstroMapping for personal readings are AstroCartoGraphy and Compass Astrology (Local Space lines).

The lines are the focal points in AstroMapping. They are either created by identifying where planets were on angles (angles are the horizon or meridian) around the world at the moment you were born (that is called AstroCartoGraphy). The other popular technique, Compass Astrology, also works around the world but it is a better tool for your immediate environment, whether it's your city, your neighborhood, or your own home. Compass Astrology plots the orbits of the planets as lines around the world emanating from wherever you are. 

I'm a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher and Locational Astrology specialist through Continuum and Kepler College. 

AstroCartoGraphy (ACG) may be today’s hottest and most talked about astrology resource. It draws on a world map your personal lines for jobs and money, marriage, love, relationships, family and health, creativity, community, spiritual path - all the goals that matter most to us, and it shows the best – and the hardest - places for realizing them. Even if you’re perfectly happy where you are, ACG can help you find places where important relationships and opportunities are waiting.



Laying out your horoscope on a map identifies personal lines that indicate places that are better or worse for career, relationships, family, and health, among other things. Even if you're not planning on going anywhere, it can help you identify what works in your favor or not, and how the relationships and experiences around you manifest. 

An AstroMap of an anonymized client.

The lines represent planetary paths identifying favorable and unfavorable locations globally.

The technique I use is called Astro*Carto*Graphy,  or A*C*G for short. It's a method of mapping out your planets across a mercator map of the world according to your time, place, and location of birth. The points that are mapped are when the planets were on a horizon or meridian at the moment of your birth. Those points are then connected as a line. Relocation astrology has been around for centuries, used as far back as Babylon.


Whoever coined the term, "If you can't bring Mohammed to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed," must have known about this type of relocation astrology. If you have placements in your own horoscope, you can change it by moving to another place! It works through the laws of correspondence, bestowing the energies of the planet(s) to a specific location.



How is this different from a straight forward from a Natal chart or Transits reading?

In the shortest way to describe this:

  • a natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time and location you were born. It's fixed.

  • a transits chart looks at how the current planets in the sky "rub up" against your natal planets.

  • an astromaps chart looks how planets will vary in time AND space. It's very dynamic.

If you were born, say, on January 1st, 2000 at 12:oo PM in New York City, the Sun would be close to the Midheaven (the top of the sky or high noon). In Hawaii at the same exact moment (7:00 AM there) the Sun would be closer to the horizon, having just risen above it an hour prior. Your outlook on life in Hawaii will be cheery with how you approach people, problems, and your life in general. Whereas in NYC, your career in particular will shine under a Sun/Midheaven line.

What do you look at?


When doing AstroMapping, I look at all the lines on your maps, your natal chart, your relocated charts, and your chart transits. From there, I can determine what forces guide the energies for or against your favor. 

If you're traveling to an eclipse path, I also look at the eclipse's line's too and how they will affect you at the time of the penumbra (preshadow), umbra (maximum eclipse) and antumbra (post shadow). I am one of the few astrologers in the world with expertise to do this, having studied this technique for years and traveling to eclipse paths to test them.

Aren't analyzing AstroMaps enough?


No. One huge reason is that there other factors that influence the powers of the lines.


Lines are not isolated islands. The way that the planets lay out in your chart needs to be interpreted in how exactly your lines will affect you. The energies from the planets, where they are in your natal chart, and what planets they aspect might could amplify the effect of the line(s), or somehow mute them. 

What if I never want to move - why should I care about the lines where I live?


Even if you don't move, you'll have a better understanding of why things might be a certain way in your life. Besides, a MUCH better location might only be a stone's throw away.


Here's an example: One young man's charts that I analyzed was born and raised near a Saturn influence on his horizon. He wondered why he had such a hard time making friends. With Astromapping, he started to understand why he felt so isolated and limited at making friends even though he was a charming and friendly person. Saturn cast a filter on him that made him appear unappealing and unapproachable. 


We identified a close location, interestingly, only 40 miles west, where he had a Mercury line. With the Mercury influence shining a favorable light on him, not only did he make a lot of great friends, but he also felt very happy in his neighborhood (Mercury rules communication and the immediate neighborhood.)

There's also a phenomena that is called "remote activation". Even if you don't move or travel to places that are in your favor, dealing with people from those areas can bring you the planetary energy. For example, if you live on a Pluto line in Kansas City, but you have a Mercury line near NYC, you'll find it easier to conduct business, make friends, and communicate with people in NYC.

And if I do move, then what?

Being "forewarned" will make you prepared as to what to expect from moving there. 


By moving (or visiting) a certain place, you adjust your chart in a way similar to being born at a different time. That would highlight different areas of your potentials in your chart.

If I move to a Sun line will things always be great? Should I avoid a Saturn line like the plague?


No and no. While going to a Sun line might be beneficial depending on the angle (i.e. Ascendant, Descendant, MC, or IC), it doesn't mean that it's always metaphorically going to be a sunny day. Also, depending on your character according to your natal chart, a Sun line might just be too much of a good thing. For example, if you're naturally a very private person, it's good to note that being under a Sun line would cast light on your private affairs in a way that people can see them in plain sight.


Same idea for a Saturn line. Saturn lines could be good places for studying, straightening out your affairs, or helping you to break certain habits. So a stay there might be just what the doctor ordered.


By moving to certain select locations, planets are brought to the angles of your birth chart (close to areas of the zenith, nadir, sunrise, or sunset), where they exert maximum power.


The transits that happen in your life will have an impact on life too. Particularly powerful transits will play out no matter where your location. 



I visited a place that had great lines but I didn't feel anything good or anything at all.


Sometimes transits can eclipse the manifestation of an astrological line so you won't feel it as strongly during a visit even though that energy is still there.


Whatever potentials you have for different areas of your life will manifest far easier after a move to a specific line. 


Sometimes a move or travel will offer no lines at all. Depending on where you're moving or travelling from, that could be something better where you don't necessarily feel anything blossom with little effort, but you will definitely feel peace.



I have one of the best lines/best crossings of lines in the ocean. Now what?

Areas where lines cross (also known as a "parans"), are very powerful locations. So are zeniths (where a planet was highest in the sky in the world when you were born). A move to the same latitude of those planets can positively effect your life because of the earth's rotation. Taking 24 hours for a full rotation, you'd be "dowsed" by the effect of the parans or zenith as it passes over you. You will not get the same effect from the lines that you pass under.



Beware of fake experts.

There are a lot of people in the esoteric world that claim to be the best. Based on what, though?


Some will say it's because they have a lot of YouTube or TikTok videos. Making a video inspired by another video one watched really is not knowledge-based, especially when it's copied word-for-word. Some will say it's because they have a big Facebook group. (In 2023, the biggest Facebook group on the topic was stolen by an imposter in an attempt to claim expertise based on "members" bought from click farms to pretend there's a big following.) Some say it's because they wrote a book. One guy who wrote a book on the subject died on one the locations no one in this field worth their salt would recommend. Some would say it's because they have been doing it for a number of years, but teaching the first grade ten times does not make one a tenth grade teacher. 


So makes me the top expert?

  • I understand the astronomy behind the methodologies, calculations, application and techniques of astrological maps. There are only a few AstroMappers who understand and most of them haven't traveled much, they are armchair travelers who can guess about a location but can't really truly tell you what to really expect because they can't consider all factors there are when it comes to a move or travel.

  • Experience counts for a lot. It's not just the number of years I've practiced, but I'm not just an avid world-traveler. In my adult life, I've lived in 8 different countries outside of the USA and within the USA I've lived in 5 different regions, and with that I've experienced living under different planetary energies - being immersed in them - and yes, different cultures, languages, customs, paperwork hurdles, climates, etc. Just with speaking with me you'll know that I was immersed in different cultures. I even had formal education in different countries.

    That immersion counts for a lot: would you hire a business consultant who has no experience in the business world just because s/he graduated top of the class with no experience or would you hire the person who has had several successful businesses like your own? You'd hire the latter. 


  • I created my own AstroCartoGraphy software. I couldn't develop it without solid knowledge of astronomy, astrology, travel, geography, mathematics, and computing. While I didn't do the programming or coding, and while I really struggle with the math, leaving it to my developer, I had to be very solid with my knowledge to teach the programmer what the technique involved.

  • I wrote a volume of knowledge on the topic: all the interpretations on planetary lines based on a holistic view, not just what we're taught in books. You can find that in Predictionary at AstroloGeeks, an astrology software company that I consult for.

  • I teach these techniques at regular intervals. I'm Faculty at Kepler College, the only school that offers bachelor's degrees, diplomas, and certifications in astrology. I started teaching at Kepler College in January 2024, but I have been teaching general and relocation astrology since 2015. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn!

Want to book a reading with me


Please visit the Appointments page to do so.


If it's your first time, we'll need at least 45 minutes for an initial consultation. This is because I look at multiple charts and your maps. 

Unlike my other readings, AstroMapping consultations require a dialog between us. I can't just point at a location on a map and tell you that's where you'll be happiest. If anyone says they can do so, they are amateurs and will misguide you. Among the things I'll ask you about are your goals with moving, your overall goals, and perhaps what job you do.

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