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Party time?

Looking to create a unique party or event? Delight your guests with a psychic reader!


A psychic reader is a great twist at any party: bridal showers, bachelorette parties, Halloween, birthdays, thriller nights, corporate events, brunch parties, and more! Your guests will remember your party for years!


For rates, scroll down.


For frequently asked questions specific to parties, click here.

If you're looking about general FAQs about readings, click here.


To see if I'm available, Contact me or fill out the Party/Event Booking Form. 

Party Rates

Event Rates

All event or party bookings are a minimum of two hours. My rates start at $100.00/hour, excluding gratuity. For parties with 50 guests or more, rates start at $125/hour, excluding gratuity (there's a lot more coordination that goes into bigger events). Rates includes a sample reading before your event. More on that below.


Rates vary depending on the length of time you request, the type of party, how many people are at the party, whether or not specific attire is required, and/or if it falls on high-demand periods such as the week of Halloween, Christmas, & New Year's Eve.  


Even if you expect that only a few guests will want a reading, in my experience, once the first few guests have their readings, everyone else follows and some come back for another reading. You don't want to risk disappointing your guests so be sure to book adequate time for the number of guests.

FAQs (Party Specific)

For general FAQs, click here.

Party FAQs

What type of readings do you do? 

For parties, I generally recommend Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, and/or Aura photos.  I also do Dowsing, it's often not very practical at big parties but it can easily be done. I'll offer services according to your needs, the venue and size of the party, and type of party. For bigger parties or corporate events, not everyone will have their exact birth time, but if you have a private party with few guests, you can alert them well ahead of your party to have it ready. (BTW, my astrology readings will blow your minds and leave such an impression that you as the host will be a hit.)

Since all the readings have a different format and approach, we'll discuss logistics when we meet. If you'd like all formats I can offer, it will take more time at the party since it's not going to be a repetitive series. For example, if one guest wants an aura photo and the next wants astrology and the third wants tarot, I have to set up the camera and sensors for the first guest, then for the second guest I have to pull out my computer for astrology software, and for the third guest I have to clear the table to pull cards and all switching between changing formats takes more time than if everyone had a limit of one, two, or three different types of readings to choose from within a similar format. While it won't take much time to switch from tarot to palmistry, it would take more time to switch from tarot to aura photos, for example. There's no way to organize your guests into batches because it's a party, not school.


I do not recommend Mediumship at parties for they are heavy and parties are meant to be light hearted, not emotional.

Have you done party readings or big events before?

Yes, oh yes!


My experience includes weekend "marathon" readings at festivals, psychic fair readings, street fairs, small birthday parties, Halloween parties (from ~30 attendees to +150 attendees) bridal showers, Sweet 16s, intimate girls nights (~6 or less guests), and corporate events with more than 400 attendees, exclusive but large personal parties, even online parties. You name them, chances are I've done them.

With those experiences, you can rest assured that I know how to adapt to any party style so long I get the basics of what I need (a space, a table and maybe access to a plug). I also know how to behave at different parties. A corporate event is a different presentation from a casual ladies night and those are both different from bridal or baby showers. They're not just different venues, but different mindsets of guests, so I adapt to be appropriate. 


What kind of space do you need to do the readings? 

It really depends on the theme of your party and the layout of the space. A place where your guests can hear me is essential. If it's outdoors, it's best if the area is protected from rain, wind, and direct sunlight.


With you providing a table and chairs, you have more control over arranging your space. As such, I request from you a table (about 30") and at least two chairs that allow your guests' legs to comfortably fit under the table (a coffee or end table with regular chairs will be very uncomfortable for your guests, even if it's a short reading). A card table is ideal.


I might need access to a plug. If you want palmistry or tarot I typically bring a small spot lamp so I can more clearly see the lines on palms or the images on cards if the room is kept dim for the party theme. If astrology or aura photos, I might have to recharge them. 


I'll be happy to discuss specific details at the time of booking or during your sample reading. I am flexible to different requests.

What kind of questions do you answer? 

Really there's no limit. I can not do telepathy (mind reading), but I can answer almost all questions.  In truth, quite often the more specific the question, the more specific the answer for Tarot readings. With palmistry and astrology readings, no questions need to be asked. I'll give a brief overview of the past, present, and future. Aura photos can give quick insight. Common questions often are about love, money, career, family, but the sky's the limit. As in the fine print, my readings should not be taken as substitute for professional legal, medical, or financial advice. 

How long are readings at parties?

This really is up to you! If you want a quick turn-around, mini-readings can be done in as quick as 5 minutes. Aura photos (just the photos) will take around 5-10 minutes, but another few minutes to give the overview of the photo. Otherwise, readings run 10 - 15 minutes. Be sure to book adequate time for your party. I'll be able to go over that with you when we meet ahead for our sample reading.


Going beyond 15 minutes isn't recommended for your guests, but it's your party, so it really is up to you. Nonetheless, it's advised to set a cap per reading to make sure you don't disappoint guests who waited for their turn but didn't get a reading because time ran out. I also suggest that you book enough time to serve at least 50% of your guests.

What age group is this appropriate for? 

Any age. In the late 20 teens I started doing presentations and lectures about esoteric subjects to students as young as 5th graders in schools. Astrology and mysticism are now officially meta-trends and don't have as much taboo attached as a decade ago and it continues to grow into everyday lives. Thus, I'm open to any age. For those younger than 18, I ask that an adult parent or guardian give consent for the reading. If they're very young (younger than 10), I ask for an adult to sit with them so the adult can remember the key points. Children are often fascinated with readings - if not because the cards are colorful, it's often because they want to imitate the adults. Teenagers are really into knowing more about themselves and their near future. I adore their questions and I'm always happy to read for them. I've even read for babies! Parents want to know their future, what to expect for their life path, what kind of personality and character they're going to develop. 

What kind of events do you do? , weddings, bridal showers, hen-dos, family reunions, graduation parties, Halloween parties, theme parties, special holidays, grill-outs, girly-get-togethers, festivals... 


I also do readings at corporate events, hospitality suites, office parties, fundraisers, retreats, and marketing promotions.

Are contracts involved? 

It depends on you or your employer. The great majority of clients do not ask for anything to sign, including most corporate clients. We go by a gentleman's handshake. I've also done events for non-profit organization events that follow everything by the book, including requiring me to sign a contract, a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and a tax form. It's really up to you.

Do you do private (one-on-one) readings at parties? 

Yes, some parties are private reading parties where your guests' readings are around 30 minutes each. It works better for smaller parties (6 people or less) otherwise it becomes economically inefficient.


What is your sample reading?

This is a good opportunity for us to meet before you commit to hiring me. It often takes no longer than 30 minutes, maybe a little longer depending on the extent of your party or event. You will get an idea of my style and types of readings available and what to expect for your party. In that time, we'll go over your party details, such as layout, setting, and how many people can realistically get a reading, among other things. Then we will have time for sample readings for one person which is short and to the point.


Can the sample reading be skipped? 

It's my policy we meet in person before your party. The sample reading isn't only a sample reading. You get to see who you're hiring and get a much better idea of what to expect at your party. See it as a sort of job interview. You may want to assess my skills, see if there's chemistry, and decide whether I'm the right person for your party. No one likes unpleasant surprises; if you feel I'm not the right person, it's nothing personal. Your deposit will be fully refunded, no strings attached. Ultimately, the sample reading is beneficial for you, your guests, and me - everyone is happy!

- Unless you are a prior client or a referral, an in-person sample reading is a requirement before you hire me! -


Are tips included in your rates?

No. This is because there are several ways to manage tips. As a part of hospitality, some hosts/hostesses prefer that their guests do not pay tips. Others yet have a casual setting and a tip jar could be placed on the table for guests to contribute. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but generally I've found that for office parties, weddings, and costume parties, the host/hostess prefers to pay gratuity. For all parties, there is a 20% gratuity fee regardless if there's a tip jar or not. Without a tip jar, the gratuity fee is slightly higher. For more information on tipping convention, click here.


Are there any other costs?

If you are further than a 30 mile radius from The Loop in Chicago, I charge a transportation fee of $10 per 10 mile increment. Parking fees, if applicable, are also part of the costs. 


How can I book you for a party?

You can fill out the Party/Event Booking Form (the faster way to reach me for a party), or Contact Me. If you choose the latter, please include the info on the booking form (missing info will delay my ability to respond). Ideally, it's better to meet at least two weeks ahead of your event. 


What are the steps to book for a party?

Typically, after I receive your party information, we'll have a short chat on the phone (unless you prefer to communicate through email). Then I send you a quote or invoice and your sample reading is booked after your 50% deposit (provided we both agree on a date, time, and price).  The deposit is fully refundable so long you cancel 72 hours prior to your event. We then meet for your sample reading(s) and also discuss your party in more detail. The remainder of payment is due after your party. 


Sample Reading
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