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Party time?

Looking to create a unique party or event? Delight your guests with a remote psychic reader!

What is a remote psychic party? Simply, it's readings done for a group via video or phone. 

Getting a remote psychic reading is a great twist at any party: bridal showers, bachelorette parties, Halloween, birthdays, thriller nights, brunch parties, and more! Your guests will remember your party for years, especially given the unique medium, pun intended! 


For rates, scroll down.


For frequently asked questions specific to parties, click here.

If you're looking about general FAQs about readings, click here.


To see if I'm available, Contact me or fill out the Party/Event Booking Form. 

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Party Rates


The Baseline Rate:

A two hour party reading baseline cost is $470.00.

The breakdown of the baseline rate:

  • The set up fee is $20.00.  (Details below.) 

  • The first two hours is $450.00.

All remote party bookings are a minimum of two hours.


Additional Rates:

  • Any time beyond that will be prorated in 15 minute increments at a discounted rate of $40.00/15 minutes.

  • Taxes included.

  • Tips not included. (Click here for Tipping Convention.)

If, for example, you booked a 2-hour remote party, then extended an additional 1 hour, the cost $590.00 before tips ($450 baseline + $160 additional hour - $20 setup). Usually people tip 15% - 25% on top of the final price. 

Set Up:

The set up is at the start of your party. We'll connect on Skype then test our audio and video connection as well as the screen sharing settings. It's making sure we can see and hear each other.


Simple, right? It is indeed simple, but I can tell you stories!

If you are a regular Skype user and you are sure you can hit the ground running from the moment we connect, I'll gladly waive the set up fee or I can apply it towards the extension rate. Keep in mind that it's cheaper to pay the set up fee than using part of your allotted reading time towards set up.

The set up  also accommodates switches in case you want to expand your view or switch to private space. It's highly unusual to take 30 minutes even with switches. The average set up time is 7 minutes, even for the technologically averse. But I'm happy to accommodate for ambition as guests roll in. (One client, for example, started with the Smart TV in her son's game room, then more guests came so she switched to a projector, surround sound speakers, and a separate PC camera in the living room.)

I don't start the readings during the set up (it's really not feasible). I also can't offer technical support as every person's PC, Mac, phone, etc. is different. Skype is a user-friendly video chatting tool that is popular worldwide because of it's intuitive layout. It's also more secure and reliable than Zoom and FaceTime, and you can easily record and store the file yourself without my prompt.

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Remote Party Set Up

Before you book, let's talk. There are several ways you can arrange your Skype party. We can discuss which arrangement is best for you, including if you prefer phone only for your party.

Some people request Zoom, FaceTime, or FB Live instead. While I'm open to that, I strongly discourage it because you don't get the benefits that Skype offers, namely:

  • A more private, secure, and stable connection.

  • The ability to begin, end and download a recording with a simple button without my prompt.

  • NO screen sharing (thus, you won't be able to see your natal charts - a feature I highly recommend for your party).

  • Different sound quality (FaceTime and FB Live are mono. Skype is stereo.)

  • Unlike the easy "Swap" button on an iPhone that allows a user to switch between front and back cameras, the desktop version of FaceTime doesn't have that option and requires switching cameras through the computer settings, not through the FaceTime interface. No problem, but technology can be fickle and sometimes requires a shut down and restart which cuts into your time.


Though the familiar is comforting, I say aim for quality. Simply taking 5 - 10 minutes to become familiar with Skype is best for you and your guests.  Yet, if you want to use other interfaces, I'll accommodate for your party, provided we arrange that ahead of time. Doing on the spot can be done but it eats your time.

FAQs (Party Specific)

For general FAQs, click here.

Party FAQs

What type of readings do you offer for remote parties? 

Astrology, Tarot, Mediumship, and psychic readings. If the lighting and resolution is right on your end, I can also do palmistry.

Have you done remote party readings or big events before?

Yes. Most were for private parties (ladies nights at home). I also "attended" a bridal shower and a baby shower. So far I haven't done any remote corporate events, but when I do I'll update this page to reflect that.

What kind of questions do you answer? 

Really there's no limit; however I don't answer questions about your death (it's not my place) or divorce unless you're already in divorce proceedings. Common questions often are about love, money, career, family, but the sky's the limit. As in the fine print, my readings should not be taken as substitute for professional legal, medical, or financial advice. 

Hour Glass

How long are readings at parties?

This really is up to you! If you want a quick turn-around, mini-readings can be done in as quick as 5 minutes. Otherwise, readings can run as long as you'd like. Warning: I'm good. Even the most timid and skeptical of party guests often want to extend their reading time - keep that in mind with your budget.


As a general rule of measure, if you're economical, I suggest a cap of around 20 minutes per person for a party of 5 people within 2 hours. Because it's a party, 1-2 guests might be satisfied with 15 minutes, but most will want to ask more and more questions as soon as it's their turn.

What age group is this appropriate for? 

Astrology and mysticism are now officially meta-trends and don't have as much taboo attached as a decade ago and it continues to grow into everyday lives. I'm available for any age client. For those younger than 18, I ask that an adult parent or guardian give consent for the reading. For remote parties, I've read for children as young as 6 years old, with the mother present on camera or within audio (the way I prefer it). Teenagers are really into knowing more about themselves and their near future. Children are fascinated with readings, often because they want to imitate the adults.

Do you do private (one-on-one) remote readings at parties? 

Yes, this is why I talk about a "switch" during "Set Up". One of the reasons for a switch is because some parties have started in an open room setting with everyone present, then people asked for a private reading. During the party, you simply switch to a different device in a different room or guests leave the room. 

How is a party reading different from an individual phone or Skype reading?

The ambience of a party brings on a different mindset and mood than a private reading. In private readings, the tone is often a little more serious than for a party. For parties, everyone is there to have a good time; I keep the answers light, positive, and sometimes humorous. Parties allow for the experienced, the adventurous, and the curious to leave impressed and give first-timers courage to dive in, which in turn makes you look like the Koolest Host(ess) In Town.😎 Having said that, many attendees at a party like what they hear in the initial group reading and the format often gets switched to private readings off to the side of a party. 

Are tips included in your baseline rates?

No. This is because there are several ways to manage tips. As a part of hospitality, some hosts/hostesses prefer that their guests do not pay tips. Others yet make arrangements that everyone contributes. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but generally I've found that for office parties, weddings, and celebratory parties, the host/hostess prefers to pay gratuity. On the other hand, usually for ladies night, girl get-togethers, or group focus, everyone pitches in. For more information on tipping convention, click here.

Other things to note.

The minimum time for a party reading is 2 hours. If you think you can get your whole party done in 1.5 hours and are looking to pay strictly for time used, you might want to consider booking a series of individual readings back-to-back instead. For individual readings, whether in a series or not, I do not use a camera, it is strictly audio. 

What are the steps to book for a party?

Typically, you simply send me an email inquiring about setting up a remote party (please include how many guests and what you're looking to do). After I receive your party information, we'll set a time for a short chat on the phone (unless you prefer to communicate through email). 


Then I send you a quote or invoice and your sample reading is booked.  A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking and the remainder before your party. The deposit is fully refundable so long you cancel 72 hours prior to your event. 

If it's a corporate event and your company, institution, or  organization, has a different way to pay, or if the company has a contract, please let me know and I can accommodate for most structures. 


Sample Reading
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