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Public Speaking

Whether for a university lecture, a school seminar, a corporate retreat, a private conference, or other request, I'm available online or in-person.

Alexa Young, KS

I rarely go to my company events, but am so grateful I was able to last night. What a great event! You were so professional. I just wanted to let you know how impressed and grateful I am for your generous sharing of broad education.

Seminars, Conferences, Retreats, Lectures, & Talks

Whether you're a corporate entity, school, university, or non-profit, I can cater my public speaking event to your needs. 

I'm available for in-person events (especially in Chicago, IL, USA), or I can travel to you. I can also attend remotely via Zoom or whatever video setup you use.

I'm available to speak on a wide variety of topics, sometimes not just limited to esoterica. Whatever the theme or goal, I can cater to your organization's requests. 

A small sample of events I've done:


  • Blue Valley High School (Kansas City, Missouri): I spoke to an auditorium of junior high school students about career paths and how any dream is possible to achieve.

  • Springhill High School (Kansas City, Missouri): I gave a lecture on dogma and spirituality to students, teachers, parents, and administration about incorporation of faith in life and goal-setting.

  • Shawnee Mission Elementary School (Kansas): I did an interactive speaking circle with third, fourth, and fifth graders considering creative ideas for career paths.

Universities & Colleges:

  • Kansas University (Kansas): I gave several lectures on various topics such as finding one's zen, career path, and public speaking.

  • Stephens College (Missouri): I attended the pre-graduation ceremony preparations and spoke on inspiration and motivation.

  • Johnson County Community College (Kansas): I spoke about the importance of reading and keeping one's mind sharp through meditation, activity, and challenges.

  • Kepler College (Seattle, Washington): I have given several online lectures, in particular on the topic of AstroCartoGraphy and Local Space Lines - AstroMapping online to hundreds of viewers.


  • Federation of Astrologers, Western Australia: I gave an online lecture about intention and planetary influences.

  • Libra Astrologers (California): Through an online stream, I headed a guided session on breathing, healing, and liminal space transformation.


  • Mellie's Dots (Texas): I came onboard for a brand launching party. 

  • Hotels & Hospitality (New York): a small brand of independent hotel operators wanted to increase their amenities. I gave a keynote on expansion, open-mindedness, and resisting resistance.

  • Building Union (Chicago): I was invited to engage clients in business forecasts, culture, art, and feng shui for their business and office space setups.

Small Businesses:

  • BariHairy (Chicago): I did visual branding of hairstyles, makeup, and nail colors appropriate for each zodiac sign. 

  • Haribi's Women (Chicago): very unusual and unexpected but one of the most enjoyable events. This was for mostly Palestinian women, but included other ethnicities and religions. What was supposed to be a keynote on children's behavior broadened to include spouses, astrology in Abrahamic religions, and readings. I was hired for 90 minutes and due to demand I stayed for four hours. Only one hour was readings. 



Most private corporations request lectures on upcoming shifts according to the cosmos. Some incorporate a lot of engagement through chart readings of company chiefs (that's loads of fun for the employees!!!)


Most non-profits like informative lectures on astrological or esoteric topics.

Most schools and universities prefer motivational speeches or highly-engaging and unusual approaches.

Most small businesses request brand launches through memorable launch parties where I can do readings, charts, and give a demo. (Note, this is not the same as a private party. With launch parties, there is conscious incorporation of brand promotion whereas in parties, I'm often a booth but not the main focus.)

My public speaking events have included clear and insightful guidance, interactive slides, visually engaging charts, thought provoking presentations,  and even one-on-one rapid consults. There are no rules - we can do anything together.


Private entities and corporations:

Prices start at $550.00 for two hours. Most are four hours (starting at $1100.00).


Schools, Universities, Non-profits:

Please contact me about your requests and time requirement. Prices are lower for you.

For public speaking events with me, get in touch at:

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