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If you're reading this, I assume you've already read about the different kinds of readings I offer. If not, after you're done reading this, I recommend that you read the different service pages.


The classifications below are not exhaustive. I'll periodically add to them as examples roll in, but this should help guide you.


Below are guidelines to give you insight to help you choose which reading you might want and about how readings may or may not apply to your individual situation. 

Ultimately, the kind of reading best suited for you depends on what you're seeking answers about. When you go to a doctor you might request an MRI for a suspected broken bone, but what you'd really need is an X-Ray instead. Same goes for readings. 


Just like a physician decides which diagnostic method is most appropriate for your issue, I'll decide what reading is best for you if you depending on your questions. Often, but not always, I use a mix of methods. But if you come in knowing that you'll want only a palmistry reading I'll do palmistry and give insight within the limits of what palmistry can offer. I won't be able to connect with the deceased through palmistry, for example. An aura reading won't tell you your future. An astrology reading isn't the best when asking about others (I'd use tarot in conjunction or alone to answer those questions). 

Some people want a whole smorgasboard of all services in 30 minutes or less... I don't (can't) work that way either. Some things take the time they take (like being pregnant - if you want your baby in 5 months but it takes 9 months...) Readings won't take 9 months, of course, but you get the idea. If you'd like more than two services, write to me. I can estimate how long it will take according to your needs.


Generally, the least amount of time for palm prints ALONE is 15 minutes (without the reading). The amount of time for an aura photo is 10 minutes (without me sending it to you right away - and definitely without a reading). A super quick overview of Astrology (if it's your first time with me, or it's been a while since your last reading with me) is 10 minutes. 

Readings require that I tune-in. It doesn't work like a light switch, but more like waiting for hot water from your faucet. But unlike hot water where it's a static element we're heating, humans are very different from each other. Some people are VERY open and the tuning in happens very quickly. With others, it takes a minute or two. When you're truly open, it is faster. If you have any fear or anxiety about the reading (i.e. the information you'll get in the reading), it'll take longer. I'm good at making you feel comfortable and lessening the anxiety but fear is something I can't change because you own it.

Which Reading is Right for You?




Astrology readings are one of the best readings to get, but I don't always recommend them unless your circumstances and or questions are appropriate for a reading. When you want to determine timing, you'd need an Astrology reading. If you're going through a crisis, this is a fabulous reading that will help you determine the sources, how long it will last, and how to cope. During times of non-crisis, if you want to know what to expect - the general weather coming your way, get an Astrology reading. It works very much like a weather forecast. If you know to expect rain, you can't stop the rain from coming but you can minimize how wet you get. Astrology readings interpret the planetary forces to inform you what you can expect and how you can overcome those challenges or maximize upcoming benefits.


There are also certain ages when I recommend Astrology readings. For anyone who's a young adult, a natal reading this is an amazing tool for the rest of your life. I also recommend readings around the Saturn returns. They occur 2-3 times in your life at age 28-31, again at 56 - 62 and again around your early to mid 90s. Other important times for readings are around 39 - 42 years old when you experience a Uranus half-return (that time might feel like a mid-life crisis), and in your early 50s when Neptune transits leave you wondering where you are.

Which do you prefer? It depends on the reading and your preference. Some readings can't be done by phone or video, like palmistry or aura photos. Most of my repeat clients find my phone and video readings more accurate than in-person readings because there are less distractions. Another thing that helps immensely with phone and video readings is that people are usually alone for them. The reason that helps a lot is because of the privacy afforded. I've found most people are more open to hearing their story when no one else is around to hear it. When I can be open with you, the reading doesn't come out stunted. It's free to grow and blossom naturally, openly, and beautifully! Besides, you get slightly more time during a phone or Skype reading than you would in-person. That's because there's no time used on getting situated after coming in, in putting your jacket and cellular away, on which cards you want to pick, etc... The few minutes saved are that many more minutes towards your reading. You'll be amazed at how much I can read about your situation because I don't cold-read.

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Tarot (and how it differs from Astrology Readings):

Tarot readings works with synchronicity. It reads the situation from the ethers as it is now to tell you what to expect in the future. Overall, the accuracy of Tarot readings are sound. However, should anything major of those circumstances change because of free will (i.e. a conscious choice) or to natural circumstances (i.e. acts of God/whatever God is to you), then the outcome will also change. 


For example, imagine you ask whether or not you'll get the job you applied for and the Tarot reading indicates that you will get the job. If that same day you tear up your application with the faith that you will get the job, you've made a major change (i.e. the conscious choice) that would modify the outcome of your job prospect. Determining timing is also tricky with the Tarot but Tarot readings generally forecast no further than a year. An Astrology reading can determine exact dates.


The benefits of a Tarot reading is that it can answer some specific questions that are harder to determine using an Astrology reading. Say you want to know if someone has cast a curse on you, a Tarot reading is a much better tool than an Astrology reading for that kind of question. A reading can also indicate how to overcome the curse (and no, not through spellwork, but through you.) 

What About Palm Readings?

Palmistry is a very good tool to determine who you are, how early life and the world has shaped you, and how you are coping. It's a report card in many ways, which in turn is an indicator of the future. Similar to the Tarot, when circumstances change, the lines on your hands can (and do!) change.


The benefit of the palm reading is that it reads the invisible tip of the iceberg that isn't so obvious to you or others around you. The lines are your manifestations (esp. on your dominant hand). If it shows up in your palm, you can be assured it's a major factor in your life for better or worse.


That's the priceless value of a palm reading - it lets you know whether the choices you've made and the life you're living is suited to you. For example, if you're in a job or relationship that you don't like and that shows up in your palms, then there's some serious choices you need to make. If you get your palms printed with your sessions with me, then over time you can see how much your lines have changed as you go through chapters in your life.


Timing with palmistry has a farther reach than Tarot in both the past and future. If you're looking for a more solid indication of what to expect in the far future, or how the far past has affected you, then a palm reading is excellent for that.


Many people who are affliliated with a religious organization or have a certain dogma also feel this type of reading isn't frowned upon by religious authorities.


Getting answers by using a pendulum reading is pretty black or white - almost quite literally. If you have super specifics that you'd like to know, this is the reading for you because it can be customized.


A body scan is a horse of a different gait - it's a form of alternative diagnostics and therapy. The predictive qualities of a body scan depend solely on external factors.


If someone dear to you has passed, Mediumship is what will help you be in touch with him or her. 

I can also get in touch with pets, foes, and strangers (a good example of a "stranger" is when an officer or private detective is working on a murder case.) Some people like getting in touch with their personal spirit guide.

Mediumship is not appropriate for missing persons. For missing persons, even if they're no longer alive, a Tarot reading is best. An astrology reading can also render results if their birth information (date, exact time, location) is available.

Aura Photos

Aura photos give insight to the here and now - sometimes as a reflection of your current emotional, physical, and mental state, sometimes as a result of past trauma you're still suffering from.

Aura photos are not predictive but they are beautiful renderings of who you are. They can change by the minute - we often have thoughts dashing through our minds that can change our emotional state and that registers in our physical state which is in turn captured by the aura photo.

Kirlian Photos

I like to use these for objects. Everything around is energy.

Aura photos are not predictive but they are beautiful renderings of who you are. They can change by the minute - we often have thoughts dashing through our minds that can change our emotional state and that registers in our physical state which is in turn captured by the aura photo.

Iris Photos

Despite all my medical education and years in training and practice in medicine, much like the palms, we aren't taught as physicians to read into the eyes! 

Iris photos can give us a closer look at eye color, patterns, and more. Using that we can get insight on your past and current health. They are not diagnostic or predictive.

At this point, they are only photos that I offer, for our eyes are the window to the soul. I do not offer Iridology at this point. I've been to some of the best, and the best always offer the right remedies (often herbal) for ailments. Iridologists are few and far between.


There's always someone who wants just about every offer in 30 minutes or less with just the same amount of richness and depth of a single offer. 

No one can do that in 30 minutes or less.

However, if you'd like to do everything, that would require an in-person visit and it'll take approximately 3 hours with palm prints, aura photo, astrology chart, and prognostications. Since I charge by the hour, please plan accordingly. 

In Summary:

With that summary on all the types of readings, I'm creating examples of what questions and circumstances would determine the appropriate reading. I'll start with Astrology and as time goes on, I'll make additions to this article. 


Having said all that, reading The Value of Combination Readings is information you'll find beneficial, no doubt.

Below are some examples of when an Astrology reading is best for you:


Life: If major changes are going on in your life - things feel like they're out of control, or if it feels like the world is against you, this would be a good reading to start with, particularly a Transits Reading. It would cover all areas that apply in your chart (self, career, family, relationships, love, money, health, etc.)


Character: If you feel alienated, different, or if you have certain characteristics that you can't help, a Natal Chart Reading is ideal, for it will describe not only your character, but why you're compelled to act and react the way you do. 


Family: A Natal Chart and/or Transits Chart Astrology reading can sometimes identify family issues or characteristics.


Destiny/Calling: This can help you identify your niche. Natal chart for sure.


Money: In general, or the trend in your life - Natal. For current and upcoming year: Transits.


Relationships/Love: If you're wondering if/when you're going to get married, a specialized Love Reading is the most accurate type of reading. If you're involved in a relationship and want to know how well the 2 of you will work together, a Synastry or Composite reading is appropriate. If you want to your lot with love, a Natal reading is good. To find more about why things are changing in a relationship, a Transit Chart is the right one for you.


Moving: If you want to know how a new place would work out for you, an Astrology reading is priceless (contact me about this type of reading).



Below are some examples of when a Tarot reading is best for you:


Life: If you have questions on how an event will play out, if you're worried that someone cast a curse on you, if you're wondering how things will turn out at work, or a general reading, a Tarot reading can answer all that.


Character: When asking about someone else (intentions, character, circumstances), it helps immensely if you bring an object that belongs to the person you're asking about. If not, a photo helps too. I don't look at the photo, but place it face down. The object/photo acts as a buoy for information feeds. With that, you can obtain a better reading on the person you're asking about. For example, are you wondering what the intentions are of your special someone with your relationship, a Tarot reading is a good tool. Another example: Crazy things are happening at work but you don't know what the source is, a Tarot reading can identify persons involved (not by name of course, but by description), even if it wasn't on your radar.


Family: See, Character, right above.


Destiny/Calling: This is not the appropriate reading to determind a calling/destiny. A Natal Chart reading (see Astrology sample circumstance) is the best reading for that.


Money: Tarot is approriate if you're wondering about your money situation. This includes all circumstances of money from inheritance, job prospects, gambling, debts...


Relationships/Love: If asking about someone else, see Character. If asking about the nature of a relationship, Tarot is a good tool. Wondering if your partner is going to stick around, wait for you, or leave you?  Wondering how a break-up will turn out? Want to know if you're with the right partner or if there's anyone else in the scene? Tarot is a wonderful tool for relationship readings. Wondering how you "mesh" or "click" - an Astrology Synastry or Composite reading is a more accurate tool.


Looking for love? An Astrology Love reading would be a much more accurate tool and provide better timing as well as the nature of upcoming relationships.


Moving: Tarot will tell you if your move will be smooth or not and possibly the outcome of your move.



Below are some examples of when a Palm reading is best for you:

To be continued...

Sample Circumstances:
Astrology Destiny Calling
Character Tarot
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